IFIP 2013: Capability Sensitive Design

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Ocho Rios in Jamaica and to participate in IFIP 2013: Into the Future. It was a great event where I presented the paper “Towards Applications of Capability Sensitive Design of Technologies”, which was prepared within the SAP mobility research lab in Pretoria. I am sharing the conference presentation in the hope of more useful comments and suggestions.

The presentation reflects the progress we have achieved in merging the Capability Approach (CA) with Design Thinking (DT), since the deadline for conference paper revisions. Some of the important points that came up in the course of the presentation included the usefulness of understandings generated by the CA in defining Point of View (PoV) statements. By bringing a detailed understanding of values and choices, CA allows designers to include as PoV insights, statements related to the choices users are prepared to make. Therefore, combining CA and DT allows designers to incorporate the potential for behavioral change within their artifacts.

Another significant point, relates to the knowledge dynamics within the DT process. Mueller and Thoring (2010), develop a typology of knowledge which is developed and transformed during the process. Design thinking can be seen as consisting of a theory generation process where a micro-theory is developed in the form a PoV statement. The micro-theory is subsequently applied and tested, until a final rational design emerges and it can be articulated. CA can bring considerable value to the early stages and the theory generation process.


New Start

Dear visitor,

I have not been very active in updating this space over the last 2 years, or so. It has certainly not been because I have given up on this project. Quite to the contrary, I have been able to pursue and expand my research interests. I had the opportunity to pursue project in Ghana and South Africa.

I am now looking to share the process and the findings. I will be going through my files, libraries, and memories and looking to update all pages of this online space. I have started by updating my CV and including new publications, as well as unpublished work. It is my intention to get this space up-to-date and to share the details of my ethnographic and design journeys with like-minded people.

I hope to re-engage with anyone who is reading!

St. James, Cape Town, South Africa

Vodafone’s mobile money pioneer reveals frustration at industry progress, Latest Videos | Mobile World Live

M-Pesa pioneer and Vodafone’s managing director of mobile money, Michael Joseph, has told Mobile World Live of his frustration at the way in which operators have tackled mobile money deployments, claiming the industry has been held back by a lack of long-term investment.

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Ericsson Survey: Mobile Use in Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania

Wednesday, 05 September 2012 11:15

by Samuel Nii Narku Dowuona/Adom News

Survey: Only 9% phone users in Ghana use mobile money

A survey carried out by Ericsson on m-commerce (mobile money) use in Ghana and two other African countries indicate even though mobile penetration in Ghana has crossed the 90% mark, only 9% of mobile phone owners use mobile money services in country.

Ericsson’s ConsumerLab Analytical Platform Survey for 2011/2012 sampled a total of 2,048 users and non-users of m-commerce from Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa, out of which 526 were from Ghana, 502 from Tanzania and 1,020 from South Africa.

Those interviewed were between 16 and 60 of age, and they live mostly in Accra, Ghana; Johannesburg, South Africa and Dar Es Saalam, Tanzania.

The survey also borrowed from existing statistical data from the three respective countries, and the report showed that an aggregate of 30 million people from the three countries had neither mobile phones nor bank accounts, but there is a whopping 90 million mobile phone users, out of which 50 million are unbanked and 40 million have bank accounts.

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