Mobile phones in rural development and agriculture

Here is a video dealing with the use of mobile phones in rural development and agriculture. The video was shot at the MobileActive08 conference in Johannesburg, organised by Katrin Verclas of the MobileActive network.

Ugo Vallauri, David Newman and Jonathan Campaigne discuss small farm productivity issues which are key to economic growth and poverty reduction. They discuss how farmers are not effectively linked to the larger industry and therefore how mobiles phones can be used to help with this area. Farmers use these phones which allow people to enter markets and improve access to partners thereby improving their likelihoods and food security.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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4 thoughts on “Mobile phones in rural development and agriculture”

  1. Hi, Mira — can you link to in your post, please? That was a video shot at our last conference a year ago, so a link and attribution would be appreciated. Thanks!


    1. Hello Sameera,

      Thank you very much for pointing me to your work on mobile market information systems in Sri Lanka. I have been aware of the Govi Gnana Seva project there for while and I would love to see some of your more detailed research on the service.

      Are you able to share any of your work on the information requirements of farmers and their capacity to convert advisory information into farming practices. Are you able to share any details about the recently announced partnership between Govi Gnana Seva and Dialog Telecom? I personally think that there is a lot of room for public-private partnerships in the area of agricultural extension service and it would be great if you could share details of the experience in Sri Lanka.

      Best Regards,

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